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06/24/2024 The Washington Post

In sweltering D.C., an outreach worker hits the streets to offer help to the homeless

05/16/2024 The Washington Post

Homelessness numbers continues to rise in D.C. region, data shows

04/22/2024 The Hill

Will the Supreme Court allow cities to punish the homeless for being homeless?

04/17/2024 The Washington Informer

Hope Has a Home, First Medical Respite Program For Women, Opens in D.C.

04/05/2024 NBC Washington

‘Hope Has a Home’ helps DC women without housing get care they need

04/03/2024 Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson Expands Commitment to Advance Health Equity in the United States

03/18/2024 The Washington Post

Want to fix the social worker shortage? Start with the licensing exam.

01/31/2024 Street Sense Media

What can the 2024 Point-in-Time Count tell us about homelessness in DC?

01/23/2024 WAMU Listen: Will D.C’s homeless population continue to grow?
01/17/2024 Street Sense Media

2024 hopes and predictions, continued

08/23/2023 The DC Line

Can DC fix its housing voucher backlog any time soon?

06/08/2023 DCist

This Week’s Air Quality Was The Worst In Decades. For People Experiencing Homelessness, There Was No Escape

05/30/2023 Marketplace Mental illness plays a complicated role in the homelessness crisis
05/10/2023 The Washington Post
02/28/2023 The DC Line
02/28/2023 The Baltimore Sun
02/15/2023 The Washington Post
02/10/2023 The Washington Post
02/06/2023 Axios DC D.C. prepares to clear McPherson Square encampment
01/30/2023 Pathways to Housing DC Pathways to Housing DC Awarded Prestigious Grant from CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield to Strengthen Frontline Health Care Workforce in Effort to End Chronic Homelessness
01/26/2023 The Washington Post Seeking a census count for the unhoused in D.C.
01/26/2023 WUSA9 DC counts the unhoused as encampments persist
01/25/2023 The DCist The Annual Count Of The D.C. Region’s Homeless Population Is Tonight. Here’s Why It Matters
12/24/2022 The Washington Post It’s cold out there! D.C. area bundles up as pipes freeze, power goes out
12/20/2022 WAMU How America is grappling with homelessness
12/20/2022 The Washington Post At least 77 people died homeless in nation’s capital this year
`10/17/2022 Axios DC D.C.’s homeless encampment plan, 1 year later
07/22/2022 The DC Line Why has DC used only one-fifth of this year’s new housing vouchers so far?
07/22/2022 Axios

D.C. Heats Up

06/01/2022 The DCist

National Park Service Clears Homeless Encampments

05/25/2022 The DC Line

DC’s pandemic-era emergency housing program offers lessons for homeless services

04/28/2022 Street Sense

DC’s 2022 PIT Count results reveal an overall decrease in homelessness

01/27/2022 NBC4

Volunteers Count Homeless Population Amid Efforts to Tackle Issue in DC

01/27/2022 The Washington Post

DC Conducts Annual Count of Homeless Residents

01/27/2022 The DCist

D.C. Area Volunteers Conduct Annual Count of People Experiencing Homelessness

01/27/2022 Axios

DC Conducts Its Annual Homelessness Count

01/26/2022 WTOP

Annual Count of DC Homeless Population Expected on Brutally Cold Night

01/21/2022 The Washington Post

D.C. is making progress on homelessness, but there’s more to do

12/24/2021 The Washington Post

Housed for the holidays: A fresh start — and new struggles — after D.C.’s streets

12/08/2021 The Washington Informer

Amerigroup DC Contributes Nearly $1 Million to Community Organizations in the District

11/10/2021 The Washington Post

He served in the Air Force, and now he sleeps on a D.C. park bench

10/07/2021 The DCist

In Fight Against Homelessness, Advocates Say Tax Hike On Wealthy Is ‘Gamechanger’

10/01/2021 The DCist

After Years Of Community And Controversy, D.C. Makes Final Push To Close Down NoMa Encampments

08/16/2021 The Washington Post

D.C.’s ‘Skid Row-type thing’: Homeless encampments grow amid pandemic

07/13/2021 The DCist

D.C. Just Released The Next Phase Of Its Plan To End Homelessness. Here’s What’s In It

07/04/2021 ABC 7 News

DC housing agency raises awareness on keeping homeless communities safe in hot weather

07/01/2021 Street Sense

Cooling options limited in DC during summer heat emergency

05/14/2021 The Washington Post

Opinion: D.C. has the resources and the know-how to ensure nobody else lives (or dies) without housing

04/26/2021 NBC4 Washington  Pedestrians Struck, Killed Had Overcome Obstacles to Become Advocates for Homeless Community
01/29/2021 DCist   How The Pandemic Changed This Year’s Homeless Point-In-Time Count
01/28/2021 NBC4 Washington  Volunteers Count DC Residents Experiencing Homelessness
01/20/2021 Reuters  D.C. homeless on high alert amid inauguration security concerns
12/19/2020 The Washington Post   Home for the holidays? An effort aims to get two dozen people into housing before Christmas.
11/27/2020 The Washington Post  Opinion: D.C.’s libraries remain safe spaces for people experiencing homelessness
10/15/2020 DCist   How To Vote Without A Home Address? D.C. Groups Worked To Register People Experiencing
10/15/2020 DCist  Homelessness Was Already Brutal. Washingtonians Explain How The Pandemic Made It Even
09/10/2020 The Washington Post   Voting is a challenge for the homeless. Advocates are trying to make it easier.
04/04/2020 The Washington Post   How coronavirus is affecting one of the nation’s most vulnerable populations
03/03/2020 Washington City Paper  For D.C.’s Street Medicine Practitioners, Health Care and Housing Are Linked
09/05/2019 The Washington Post   ‘He should have died in a home of his own’: Curbside memorial honors homeless man in downtown D.C.
01/25/2019 WAMU

  Inside D.C.’s Annual Homelessness Count, The City’s Biggest Night For Street Outreach

04/18/2019 The Washington Post At Union Station, a daily struggle to help the homeless
01/06/2019 The Washington Post In Maryland, a blind homeless man gets a second chance
02/04/2018 The Washington Post A place where they can take their shoes off and say ‘I’m home’
06/29/2017 The DCist D.C. Has Made Remarkable Progress Toward Ending Chronic Homelessness. Will It Continue?
01/22/2016 WAMU 88.5 Concerns For D.C. Area Homeless Population As Winter Storm Bears Down
11/2015 Street Sense
10/2015 Caring Magazine Housing first, care second
Sojourners Magazine
‘They Saved My Life’
3/28/2015 The Huffington Post How Giving Homes To The Homeless Reduces Homelessness
2/25/2015 Bisnow 6 Nonprofits Curing Homelessness 
01/2015 – 02/2015 Aging Today Elder homelessness is on the rise—but we have the tools to end this trend
01/04/2015 Gifts for the Homeless Blog
12/30/2014 The Washington Informer Defining Our Generation’s Legacy: A New Vision of Health Care
12/22/2014 CityLab (from The Atlantic) How the Cycle of Chronic Homelessness Begins—and Ends
12/22/2014 Comcast Newsmakers Pathways to Housing DC
12/03/2014 NBC4 Washington What Should You Do About Panhandlers? Experts Say It’s a Personal Decision
08/27/2014 NBC4 Washington Helping the Homeless Rebuild Their Lives
02/07/2014 WAMU 88.5 Can D.C. End Homelessness For Veterans?
01/2014 Realtor Magazine
12/07/2013 The Economist Tales from the streets: Homelessness has fallen. But will it stay low?
11/14/2013 IntheCapital/DC Inno
11/03/2013 ThinkProgress
09/10/2013 The Atlantic Dying Not Under a Bridge, Nor Living in an E.R.
09/10/2013 Kaiser Health News
08/28/2013 ThinkProgress This Town: What It’s Like Being Homeless With A Mental Illness In Washington DC
06/21/2013 PBS’s Religion and Ethics Newsweekly Prisons and the Mentally Ill
12/03/2012 Moyers & Company A Pathway to Ending Homelessness: A Home
11/12/2012 The Nation This Week in Poverty: A Wake-Up Call on Housing and Homelessness
11/12/2012 WTOP Group looks to break cycle of homelessness for D.C. veterans
11/09/2012 WAMU 88.5
11/09/2012 Huffington Post
11/08/2012 The Washington Post Veteran who found his way circles back to help others
01/26/2012 WAMU 88.5 Volunteers Count D.C.’s Homeless
04/06/2011 USA Today Homeless addicts get help without getting clean, sober
10/16/2010 The Washington Post A local life: He lived on the streets, but died in a home
09/02/2010 Huffington Post Talking ‘Housing First’ with Linda Kaufman from Pathways to Housing
06/17/2010 NPR Homeless Numbers Dip, But More Families Suffer
04/08/2009 The Washington Post New Home Had Given Guy Dow, 63, Some Hope
03/31/2009 NPR For Homeless, A Home May Be The Best Rehab
12/23/2008 The Washington Times Bush brings coats to needy
11/20/2008 The Washington Post
09/20/2008 The Washington Post D.C. Council Probes Fenty Plan to Move Homeless
12/27/2007 The Washington Post
11/23/2007 CBS News How To End Homelessness? Provide Homes
11/08/2007 The Washington Post
January/February 2005 Mother Jones Life on the Inside



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