Become an Ambassador

Ambassadors have a passion for our mission and open doors for our organization in the community by introducing new people to Pathways to Housing DC at our monthly Opening Doors events.
Our Opening Doors tour is a free, hour-long program that allows individuals to learn first-hand how Pathways to Housing DC provides home, health and hope to some of our most vulnerable neighbors in the District. During the program, guests tour the facility and hear from our staff about the lives that we change everyday. We also always have a client share his or her story with the group.
Ambassadors bring 10 or more guests to an agreed upon Opening Doors tour. This could be on a regularly scheduled date, or a private session at a location of the Ambassadors choosing.  Our Development team works to ensure the process is as enjoyable and stress free for the Ambassador as possible.
“Being able to introduce my friends to such a meaningful organization started a dialogue in my friend circles that has not only made them more aware but also want to get involved.”  -Nicholas, Pathways to Housing DC Ambassador
For more information on how to become an Ambassador for Pathways to Housing DC, please contact [email protected].

Pathways Never Gave Up On Me

Anthony is a reminder of the power of second chances. As a teenager, he was introduced to drugs and used marijuana, cocaine, and eventually crack to deal with undiagnosed mental illness. After being sent to prison for possession, he saw a psychiatrist and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. When Anthony was released, his conviction made it nearly impossible to find employment, and he soon became homeless. After several years on the streets, he found housing through #PathwaysDC. Pathways staff helped him stay sober and deal with the trauma of incarceration. Anthony shared, “I think about how fortunate I am, how many chances I had,” he said. “I was so blessed. Pathways came into my life and helped me turn it around when things were looking pretty bad.” Anthony is a living example that people can thrive when you do not give up on them.

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