We Have Moved!

Goodbye Eckington, Hello Brookland!

Since 2006, Pathways to Housing has held our primary service center and administrative offices in the Eckington neighborhood at 101 Q Street NE. Beginning July 1, 2019, we have moved to a great new space in Brookland that will better suit our client’s needs and provide greater dignity to our work.

Our New Home

Our new primary service center is located at 828 Evarts Street NE. We are excited to make this space a welcoming environment for our clients. But, we need your help!

Our Home Goods Store: Your donations of clothing, kitchen appliances and utensils, non-perishable food, and other items that help make an apartment feel like home will have a room in our Evarts offices- which is currently an empty room. We envision a space where clients can easily navigate their way through these items in organized bins and appropriately labeled parts of the room.  Our store will be a reflection of the dignity and respect our clients deserve as they pick out items that they envision using in their own kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. Donate today to help us buy shelving, containers, hangers, and cabinets to keep these items in good condition so that they can find their way to a new home. These items furnish new apartments for over 100 people every year.

Our Therapy Suite: We are working diligently to create three  private therapy rooms. Our staff psychiatrist and 2 resident psychiatrist are integral to many of our clients journey to recovery. With the support of this team our clients are able to receive timely services that increased their confidence to rebuild healthy lives. 91% of our clients have at least 1 visit with the psychiatric team annually. 

Our Lobby: Having a welcoming and mindful lobby area for our clients to wait for their wellness appointments, psychiatric care appointments, or to even wait to see a social worker is how we set the tone for our clients experiences with our programs. Keeping it warm in winter and cool in the summer will be easier with the addition of  vestibule. This added entry will help our clients who may be experiencing physical health challenges take their time entering into the space without dramatically changing the temperature in the lobby area. On average, Pathways DC welcomes nearly 75 of our clients daily to our office for appointments. 

Primary Care Clinic: Pathways is building two exam rooms. Timely access to healthcare and health education greatly impact an individual’s ability to recover, live longer, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The program has impacted the lives of the people we serve by increasing their awareness of, and adherence to, healthy behaviors and independence in managing their healthcare needs. 

Housing Team: Our Housing Team’s  new space is being built to host our 4 member team. When we moved into our new building there was no place yet suitable for this team. These individuals are critical to and the process of finding and keeping housing, great tenants, and a support city government partners. This team scours Washington DC for affordable housing, communicating and advocating for and with some of our most health challenged DC residents to assure that those that are without a home are able  to move into a home. This team is what helps build confidence in our over 150 DC landlords that have given our neighbors keys and leases to their own homes.

Join us in the effort to increase the number of people we serve, offer new programming, expand community partnerships, and improve the overall client experience in DC and Montgomery County.

We Have Moved!

As of July 1, our new address will be 828 Evarts Street NE, Washington, DC 20018.

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