Andrew, a Vietnam War veteran, lived on park benches throughout Washington, DC for over 40 years. After five years of valiant military service, Andrew returned home bearing invisible scars that caused him so much mental anguish that he was unable to work, and consequently became homeless.

Andrew had worked with other local social service agencies in the past, but all of them seemed to have their own prescription for Andrew’s well-being that didn’t account for what Andrew truly wanted: his own home.

Thankfully, Andrew was connected to the Pathways to Housing DC Homeless Street Outreach Team who listened to his needs and connected him to a Housing First program. One year and three days after meeting on a bench in McPherson square, Andrew moved into his first apartment in over 40 years.

Today, Andrew wakes up in the comfort of his own apartment in Northeast DC. He begins each day by cooking a healthy breakfast in his kitchen and taking his medications which are now safely stored in his bathroom cabinet. Andrew was able to connect with his mental health provider and receive intensive case management focused on his personal housing needs. The resulting housing placement ensures one of our courageous veterans does not languish on the streets, but thrives in the safe and dignified home that he deserves.