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This work is not possible without community partnerships. We believe that the essence of partnership is sharing. It is marked by respect for one another, role divisions, rights to information, accountability, competence, and value accorded to each partner’s input. In short, each partner is seen as having something to contribute, power is shared, decisions are made jointly and roles are respected.

Nothing gets accomplished in our world without partners and we are especially grateful to the following organizations for their partnership, funding, or both:

Pathways Brought Me Home

Mary, a Pathways client, was born in DC and dealt with sexual abuse from an uncle throughout her childhood and domestic violence from partners in her 20's. She used alcohol and marijuana to numb the pain of a lifetime of abuse and trauma. Mary was introduced to Pathways DC through a domestic violence shelter, and Pathways staff diagnosed Mary with HIV and bipolar disorder. The vulnerability of her situation allowed Mary’s team to quickly secure a housing voucher and within weeks they helped move Mary into her very own apartment. Mary told us, “I can honestly say that it was not until I received my keys that I felt true happiness. I would not have succeeded without the help of my “guiders,” (Mary’s term for her team at Pathways DC) because they always kept me on the right path and never gave up on me.” Today, with the help of her Pathways team, she has stability and is on the journey to recovery. 

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